Manny the Manatee  LbNA # 40838

OwnerBass Family    
Placed DateJun 11 2008
LocationChiefland, FL
Found By The Bear Team
Last Found Jun 5 2009
Hike Distance?

To find this letterbox you must visit Manatee Springs State Park. You will receive a park map at the Ranger Station. Locate the Trail named "Sink Trail Loop" it is approximately .61 mile long. Take the trail entrance and stay to the right to take a loop through a forest with various size sink holes. Along the way you will read about the Epiphytes, Southern Magnolia, Pignut Hickory, about three quarters of the way around you will come to a bench to rest, after resting continue on the loop, you will come to a sign titled "Nature Sounds" you are getting closer. Continue until you see a hitching post and a sign with a yellow arrow pointing left. You will need to go behind the hitching post for a few steps, there is a fallen log in the path, just on the other side of the fallen log is a patch of palmetto, where the log and the palmetto meet you will find the box nestled in the palmetto branches and hidden well. Watch out for snakes or other critters. We suggest you poke around with a stick first. Please rehide the box and be sure you cover it good. You will need your own stamp pad. Now that you've worked up a sweat, be sure to visit the spring for a refreshing swim.

We really enjoyed our camping trip here when we hid the box. We saw the following wildlife during our stay: deer, fox, armadillo, gopher turtles, a manatee, a snake, several types of birds, an alligator, sturgeon, mullet, carp, bass, an otter, various turtles, squirrels, and evidence of racoons.