MES Iceberg Letterbox  LbNA # 40856

Placed DateJun 13 2008
LocationMarlborough, CT
Planted ByCluster 08    
Found By WWW
Last Found May 29 2009
Hike Distance?

The MES Iceberg Letterbox

• Start from the sixth grade recess doors.
• Turn right and find the number 1,234.
• Find nine parallel steps.
• Turn right and walk about 58 paces to the first green twin.
• Face the building you came out of then turn around 180 degrees.
• Locate the chain link bridge and cross it to the tower.
• Take a ride down the tall blue slide.
• Go to the tree throne on the tree island.
• Sit on the throne and go about 25 steps towards the closest path to the woods.
• Find the tree that makes a backwards 4 and at the base you will find your prize.
Letterbox created by: Ian Scruggs, Kyla Kelly, Brett Fox, Kevin Lord and CJ Alessandro (2008)