Scrappy microbox  LbNA # 40869

Placed DateJun 13 2008
LocationStokes State Forest, Frankford, NJ
Found By Indigo Vulture
Last Found Dec 4 2009
Hike Distance?

Scrappy microbox

Scrappy is just that… a leftover piece from another hand carved stamp.Reduce, reuse, recyle. :)
(There is no ink or pen in this box.)

This hike takes place on the lower portion of Tower Trail in Stokes State Forest.Take 206 North and make a right at the sign that says Culver Lake/Sunrise Mountain Road.
Pass Coursen Trail on the left.
Park at the place where Tower Trail crosses the road. You can park by the Tower Trail sign on the right side of the road. You will be crossing the street to enter the trail on the left.

(This is a rocky -wet after a rain-downhill trek. The wild blueberries on this trail attract lots of critters.The day we hid this box we saw a huge bear paw print in the mud...So please be “Bear Aware”!)

After passing several dry stream beds you will come to a rock wall.

Stand at the rock wall.

Looking ahead, you will see a Tower Trail wooden marker and another rock wall.

Look to your right.

You will see a tree with a hobbit hole on the base.

Scrappy is hidden at the base of the East side of this tree.
(Be careful of the piece of old barb wire fence on and near the tree.)

Here you have a few choices…..

1. You can go back the way you came.

2. You can go back the way you came and enter the woods to the right of your car. Continue steeply up Tower trail. After a short distance you will arrive at the Culver Fire Tower and a great view.

3. By combining this hike with Coursen trail and the road, you can make a 3 mile circuit to access the Moonlit Trail Letterbox.You will need a compass.

Clues to the Moonlit Trail Letterbox:

From “Scrappy” walk ahead to the wooden Tower marker.

Make a left at the wooden Tower marker.

Hike the trail to the wooden Coursen Trail marker.
(Coursen is a gently sloping trail along a hillside. The lower portion was once a glacial lake.It was beautiful in June with the blooming of Mountain Laurel.The Rhododendron in July should be equally pretty!)

Keep to the left at the marker.

You will pass a plank bridge over a stream

There will be a view of Stony Lake on your right.

The trail begins to take you gently uphill.

It levels off and you will glimpse the low lying glacial lake area on your left.

The trail continues gently down through an archway of young deciduous trees and a rocky path that curves down to an opening with a clear view of the old beaver pond/glacial lake area on your left.

You should see a marker on a tree on the right just past this view of the old pond.

Continue to the next dry stream bed with a trail marker on a tree on your right.
(If you look ahead you will see another stream bed and young hemlock trees on your left)

Stand with your left shoulder under the trail marker. Take a compass reading of 320 NW this should take you down into the forest to a large boulder slightly in front of and between two trees. (This boulder had an old rotten tree strewn over it at the time.)

The Moonlit Trail Letterbox is at the base of the front of this boulder.

At this point you can continue on Coursen Trail to it's end . You will arrive at a boulder and Sunrise Mountain Road.Make a right onto Sunrise Mountain Road and continue up the road to your car.

This is a nice 3 mile circuit.:)

Happy Boxing!
~Sera and Doobie