Dog Bones  LbNA # 40886

OwnerDelhi Granny    
Placed DateJun 14 2008
Location???, OH
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 16 2009
Hike Distance?

In western Hamilton County there is a resting place for those who once walked the earth. It is very apparent that those who rest here were once much loved.

This place has been in use for many years. It is pleasant, shady and peaceful. Many years ago when I was young and dating the man who is my husband, he took me to see this somewhat unusual place.

It is less then half mile from a golf course.

When you find it, park in one of the two spaces. Then walk toward the rear of the property. Don't hurry. Take your time but eventually trend to the southern side.

Walk past a small cement cross.
Keep going. Look for a group of 5 wooden crosses. (The smallest is hard to spot.) Look for the name Caesar and a horseshoe.

Walk a bit farther and look for the rusty skeleton of an old piece of machinery. (What was it? A tractor?)
Look near the remnant of the front wheel.

Placed by myself, my daughter and my grandchildren,
Zach Attack, Milford Ohio Maria and Sar-a-rooney.