Kitty Cat letter box  LbNA # 40901

OwnerKetcha Camper    
Placed DateJun 15 2008
LocationSouth Portland, ME
Found ByWitch Hollow (Attempted)
Last UpdateSep 8 2014
Hike Distance?

This letter box was placed to honor Small School. It was named "kitty cat" because of my cat who follows me to school evry day.

1:Park in Willard square and walk down day st.(near Skrath Baking Co.)
2:Walk until the pavement ends there is a path follow it.
3:Keep walking until you come to the tennis courts.Step up onto the bretaining wall.
4:turn right.Walk until the end of the tenis court fence.
5:There should be a tree in front of you,in the tree is your prize.

Have fun!