Bermuda Shorts: Bermuda & Great Britain  LbNA # 40905 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 25 2008
LocationSt. George, BRM
Planted ByLord & Ladybug    
Last Found Sep 13 2010
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Visit Bermuda’s oldest stone building (called the Sessions House or the Old State House) in St. George. Constructed in 1620 by Governor Nathaniel Butler, its limestone blocks are held together by a mortar of turtle oil and lime. This building was used as the seat of the colonial government until 1815. Today, the Freemasons rent the building from the Bermuda Government for the outrageous sum of one peppercorn annually!

While facing the front of the building, look left and spot a stone obelisk in Somers Garden. Walk to the obelisk, turn left, go down the stairs, and look for a crypt on the left side in an alcove. Behind the crypt on the left side, you’ll find what you seek in a camo bag.

Note: If you visit the Old State House on a Wednesday between 10AM and 2PM (the only time it is open), go inside and hear a fascinating and amusing talk about its history given by one of the Freemasons.