Lake Como Letterboxes  LbNA # 4091

Placed DateMay 24 2003
LocationComo Lake Road, Darby, MT
Found By RaceFamily
Last Found Mar 1 2016
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*This box was adopted 12/17/2010. The 1st box is in place, the 2nd is currently missing, but will be replanted ASAP! Most likely in the spring due to major snow in the area!*

Access: Drive 12 miles south of Hamilton's Main Street on Highway 93 and turn west onto Como Lake Road. Go 3/12 miles to the junction to the north and south shores of Como Lake. To the right, whithin a mile is the north shore with a large parking area, picnic and swimming area and campground with rest facilities. The left road from this junction leads to the south shore which has a boat lauch and another large parking area, stock ramp and rest facilities. Trail #502 shirts the north shore of the lake, and Trail #580 follows the south lakeshore. They meet and merge at the head of Como Lake to go up the Rock Creek drainage.

Elevations: Como Lake 4245 ft.

Highlights: Views of Como Peaks. Waterfall at west end of lake--3/12 miles. Wilderness boundary--4/12 miles. State line--17 1/2 miles.

Trail Conditions: Excellent trails, somewhat rocky underfoot. They do not gain elevation, but constantly go up and down over small rises. A good bridge crosses the stream at the west end of the lake. People with horses are asked to use the south-side trail to keep the north side for hikers only.

One advantage of the Como Lake trails is that it is possible to walk a loop, with the falls at the west end of the lake for a mid-day goal. Also, the trail is never far above the lake. To shorten the day's hike, a car could be left at each of the two parking areas, eliminating nearly two miles of walking. Since Como Lake supplies irrigation water to the Bitterroot Valley, the lake is most attractive at other times than late summer when it is drawn down, leaving a wide margin of mud along the shore.

--Above description taken from 29 Bitterroot Trails by Sheila G. Morrison


There are two letterboxes planted along Trail #502 that runs along the north shore of Como Lake.

Gone Canoeing Letterbox
Take Trail #502. The first part of the trail is paved for wheelchair access. After leaving the pavement, continue hiking for a total of approximately 3/4 mile to 1 mile. You will see a fir tree that is growing in the shape of a curve to the right of the trail. After you pass this tree and you will come to an area where the rocks have slid. At the end of the rock slide you will see a fir tree that has divided into 4 trunks. From this tree take 9 paces to a large broken rock on the the rignt hand side of the trail. There is a small cave in this rock where you will find the "Gone Canoeing Letterbox" under some small rocks. It is a short scramble of 10 feet up the hill to the rock.

Bird in a Tree Letterbox
Continue hiking toward the end of Como Lake to find the second letterbox - "Bird in a Tree." When you have traveled approximately 2 miles along Trail #502, you will pass a nice waterfall that is across the lake on the south shore. After passing this waterfall you will come to a small flow of water that flows over the trail. Cross this flow. 35 paces from the flow you will see a hollowed-out burned tree. We have planted the "Bird in a Tree Letterbox" under a small rock at the base of this tree.

If you are up to the trip, continue on to the the end of the lake. The waterfall is beautiful and well worth the hike.