Leavin' a legacy  LbNA # 40926

Placed DateJun 15 2008
LocationRockville/Gaithersburg, MD
Planted ByJennyG    
Found By LuckyStar
Last Found Feb 8 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is at Rock Creek Regional Park--Lake Needwood Park--15700 Needwood Lake Circle. Enter the entrance road of the park from Needwood Road. Drive down the entrance road through 2 stop signs until you come to a parking lot for the hiker biker trail on the right, just past the lake. Park in that lot. Park on the left side of the lot up against the tree line if you can.

We are moving, and fairly new to letterboxing, so we wanted to "leave a legacy."

From the parking lot, enter the tree line on the left through the first set of steps that is near a garbage can. See the playground including slide, see saw, swings and bbq grill. Walk over to the grill. Stand with your back to the grill facing the road going up hill. Looking up the hill a bit, you will see a trash can along the road, not the one slightly down hill. Walk through the woods toward that trash can that is slightly up hill. You will see 2 big boulder type rocks just behind the trash can. "Legacy" is "under" the boulder that is further from the road, more in the tree line, with some small pieces of wood covering it. Please recover well, under rock with wood pieces on top.