Once Upon a Time  LbNA # 40948

Placed DateJun 16 2008
LocationHallowell, ME
Found By Daytrippers54
Last Found May 23 2016
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located in Vaughn Woods, Hallowell, also known locally as "Hobbitland". To get there, go down Waterstreet in Hallowell, heading towards Farmingdale. Turn right, onto Temple Street. In front of you is the Old South Congregational Church. At the top of the little hill, turn left onto Second Street. Cross the railroad tracks, round the bend, and drive to the top of the hill. At the top, you will see a stop sign. Across from the stop sign is a small parking area. This is the trailhead. Hold hands of small children as there are steep bankings along edge of trail.

Key: In CAPS are the clues to follow.

Once upon a time, there was a hobbit. One day, this same hobbit decided to take a walk. As he was taking his walk, he saw a little path and began to follow it.
He walked through a MEADOW and saw a girl skipping along, a basket in one hand. “Who are you?” he asked.
“My name is Little Red Riding Hood,” said the girl, “and I’m taking these rolls to my sick grandmother! Would you like to try one?” So, she gave him a roll and went on her way. As the hobbit continued along in the meadow he saw a GIANT OAK TREE, with a wolf hiding behind it and he hurried on. Soon, he left the meadow and entered a CANOPY OF TREES. But the path kept going! On his left, the hobbit noticed with fear, a STEEP DROP OFF. To get his mind off the horrible fall this would be, the hobbit began to whistle. Suddenly, a girl went running past him. At first, he thought it was Little Red Riding Hood. But then he noticed she had blond curls. “Who are you and what is the matter?”
“I’m Goldielocks and I’m running from three bears who are trying to eat me!” she screamed and ran on. The hobbit kept going, until he crossed a STONE BRIDGE. Then he walked onto ANOTHER BRIDGE. He crossed TWO MORE BRIDGES and gushing and gurgling came a magnificent WATERFALL! As he was going to walk across the FIFTH BRIDGE, he saw three goats, two on the far bank and the other was just butting a troll off the bridge with his horns. The hobbit joined the goat and crossed the bridge with him, but not going too near his gigantic horns.
Next, the hobbit came to a FORK IN THE TRAIL where a girl and boy were crying. “Who are you and what is the matter?” asked the hobbit.
“My name is Hansel and this is my sister, Gretel,” said the boy, “and we are crying because our Dad brought us here and left us.”
“Oh,” said the hobbit, “would you like to come with me?” They thanked him, but answered no. The hobbit took a LEFT and soon he came to a beautiful MEADOW. He named the meadow, Hobbit Land. Then he crossed it to the other side. He entered the WOODED TRAIL a few paces, and on the right was a clump of FOUR BIRCH TREES.
In the middle, under the leaves and branches, is the end of the story in the “Once Upon A Time” letterbox. Congratulations!!


Note: The best way back, is the way you came. The Big Bad Wolf may still be in the woods and you might also get lost (we did) if you didn’t bring stones, like Hansel and Gretel!