Wolf Creek/Pine Run Grist Mill  LbNA # 40977

Placed DateJun 18 2008
LocationLoudonville, OH
Found By Gloria Beem
Last Found May 1 2015
Hike Distance?

Wolf Creek/Pine Run Grist Mill Letterbox

Level of Difficulty: An easy find, but the climb up the hill is rather steep. Please hide this box carefully after finding as it can be easily seen from the trail.
Time Needed: 30 minutes or less
The mill is open on weekends throughout the summer. For more information, please visit the website. I believe you can visit the property throughout the week, but the mill may not be open.
Hand-carved stamp

Over the past few years, my husband and I have visited the grist mill, located near Loudonville, several times. The mill is actually located in Mohican State Park on the left-hand side of State Route 3 about a mile south of the campground. Despite some fairly recent flooding in August of 2007, the work that they have been doing out there is amazing! Each time we go out there, something new has been added. Of course, I’m sure the Friends of Wolf Creek/Pine Run Grist Mill, Inc. could always use additional volunteers and donations if you are able. Their mission statement states: “To restore and open an 1830’s grist mill to the public as a working museum in order to preserve a vanishing part of our heritage for future generations to enjoy and learn from.” In fact, a wish list is included on the first website listed below. Here, you can also find the organization’s achievements, goals, and current projects. Be sure to check out the website’s list of Mohican Country events as well.
The mill, which was originally built in 1831, was once located north of Loudonville on Wolf Creek. Then in 1971, the mill was rebuilt at its current location beside Pine Run. When in operation, grain begins its journey by traveling through a hole at the top of a large stone wheel. The grain travels through this hole to an area located between the top and bottom stone wheels. From here, the grain eventually works its way from the center to the outer edges of the wheels as it is ground into flour.
Up until about 10 years ago, the mill was in disrepair until Mark Smith and his family discovered it while camping at Mohican State Park. When he asked about what was going to be done with the mill, he was told that the state parks did not have the funding necessary to make the needed repairs and that it was going to be torn down. Once told of this, Mark Smith formed an all-volunteer, non-profit organization to restore the mill. Today, this organization leases the mill and fifty surrounding acres. Both the mill and a miller’s cabin have been restored. An observation deck has been added on the trails directly behind the mill. Additional plans for the historic village include restoring seven other log cabins that have been donated and moved to the site as well as possibly eight or nine other cabins that may be donated in the near future.

To find this letterbox: Begin by pulling into the parking lot off of State Route 3. Continue past the miller’s log cabin, located on the left, and up to the stairs located on the left-hand side of the mill. Climb the stairs that go up. You may want to tour the mill and enjoy looking at many of the old antiques inside before continuing down the steps on the other side. When you get to the base of these steps you will notice a steep trail going up the hill directly behind the grist mill. Continue on this steep trail until you see a sign for a trail leading to an observation deck. The trail leading to the deck will be on your right.
Follow this trail toward the observation deck for 15 steps to the first tree of significant size on your left. The box is buried under debris in a hollow area on the southwest corner of this tree’s base.

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Planted with permission! Please ask permission before planting other letterboxes in the area. Thanks!