Timrods ' Hearts  LbNA # 40979

OwnerGreen Tea    
Placed DateJun 16 2008
LocationFlorence, SC
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Last Found Mar 8 2015
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Timrod Park
Henry Timrod was an American poet who is often called "The Poet Laureate of the Confederacy." He was born in Charleston in 1828. In 1856 he moved to Florence, S.C. to accept a teaching position at the plantation of Colonel William Henry Cannon. His classroom was a single room school building which is still preserved at Timrod Park. Henry ended up marrying one of his students from Florence in 1864. Saxon Katie Godwin was her name. Now you are on a quest to find the hearts of Henry and Katie Timrod.

Go to Timrod Park

Katie's Heart
Stand in front of the one room school house not far from the playground. Turn left. Follow the brick walk around the side of the school house. Stop in from of the back steps facing the bathrooms. Walk toward the bathroom. Turn left toward the playground. Walk to the black edging facing the seesaw. Follow the edging to the left until you come to the second light pole on your left. From the light pole go south to a bench near a bridge. Cross the bridge. Go pass the next light pole with the pole on your right. Continue walking straight ahead to the second light pole after the bridge. The creek is on your right. Stop at the second pole. Look to your left for a magnolia tree, about 20 paces away. Between two trunks close together you will find Katie's heart.

Henry's Heart
Near Katie's Heart is an open shelter that displays information. Face the display. Go up the wooden steps to your left. At the top of the steps turn right. Continue walking until you reach a deck with benches. Walk to the end of the deck bench. Walk down the hill toward the park.
Go past the bench on the left. You will come to an open area with columns on the right. Facing the columns you will see an Eastern Hemlock. It has a tree name marker near it. Behind the Eastern Hemlock is a pair of pines. Look between them to find Henry's heart. You will be facing the tennis courts when you look for the heart.

Congratulations I hope! I have had to replace 3 letter boxes due to them disappearing. Please cover them well with sticks and leaves. Thank you.