Tippecanoe  LbNA # 40993

Placed DateJun 18 2008
LocationNorth Bend, OH
Found By JJM
Last Found Jun 5 2012
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William Henry Harrison, ninth president of the United States, is most simply known as the man who gave the longest inaguration speech (2 hours long, on March 4, 1841, a cold, rainy day) but served the shortest term in American history (exactly one month, dying of pneumonia on April 4, 1841). I graduated from William Henry Harrison High School in Harrison, OH, which always drew a laugh from others, that the school would be named for a president who only served for 30 days. It is unfortunate that Harrison's career is summed up, for most people, in these two facts, because as you will see while you are searching for this letterbox, he was a highly accomplished and decorated soldier and statesman. Please take the time to read the impressive list of his accomplishments engraved on the monument (bring a pair of sunglasses!).

Take US 50 to the village of North Bend, Ohio. Following the blue signs directing you to the monument, turn off US 50 onto Miami Avenue, then left onto Brower Road and right onto Cliff Road. Pass the monument (the spaces there are for handicapped, though it's not marked) and continue on to the parking lot, across from Congress Green Cemetery. Take the nature trail that leads back to Harrison's Tomb. At the bridge, stop and turn around. Look for a double-trunked tree. There you will find Tippecanoe.

(If you want to take a nice little drive, continue going up Cliff Road, which turns into Dugan Gap and dead ends at Lawrenceburg Road (a left turn takes you to Shawnee Lookout Park). There are some FABULOUS views overlooking the Ohio River along Cliff Road!)