Crocodile ZOO Protivin letterbox hybrid geocache  LbNA # 41006

Placed DateJun 18 2008
CountyOther International
LocationCeske Budejovice, Czech Republic, INT
Planted Byondrasek geotym CZ    
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Crocodile ZOO Protivin letterbox hybrid geocache

Our letterbox will lead you in a nice south bohemian town called Protivin, not far (30km) from regional city Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic

1. Start here at N 49° 11.894 E 014° 13.063 in the main square in Protivin, in front of the museum. There are how many windows in the museum roof gable? Deduct the number of cannon balls by the windows and you have A. A is not an enormous number :-) Your walk will go counterclockwise.

2. Walk 130 m north, there is a large Schwarzenberg´s coat of arms on the building and your B. The bird eating the head is a king fisher B=6, a raven B=2 or a peacock B=0.

3. Walk about 30 m west, you will find an animal painted in the street in white colour. How many letters has it got? Add the number of its legs and you have C.

4. Cross the street and find the confectioner´s shop. You can find D there. Its name has the blue Sun D=7, a blue comet D=4 or a blue star D=0 inside.

5. Your next stop is the post office. It closes at what time on Saturday? Deduct number 9 and you have E.

6. Your last stop for Fis at the parsonage by the church. There is a statue F=4, a sundial F=0 or a cross F=6 above the main gate in the middle of windows.

7. The most important thing is the PASSWORD which is

GEO + "word"

which you can find on a white label on a door handle at coordinates

N 49 12. A B C

E 014 13. D E F

to break the password you have to change the numbers from the white label to lettres of the English alphabet, for example 8=H or 11=K.

8. Finally whre is the ZOO? It is very close. Just look or ask. You will get the letterbox hybrid cache by asking the cashier with the PASSWORD. There is a special stamp inside.

Opening hours

You do not have to visit the museum for the letterbox!

MO-SU 12:00-16:00

until 31. 8. 2008

enterance fee 100,-CZK adults, 50,-CZK kids

If there is any problem or misunderstanding, please contact me via e-mail.

If you just want to see the letterbox - the password is GEOKROKO. You can find the place through the above mentioned webpages and the map there.