The Cobra Dome  LbNA # 41013 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 18 2008
LocationNorth Anson, ME
Found By 5 chicks
Last Found Nov 2 2008
Hike Distance?


After Passing the Welcome to North Anson Sign Travel North on RT 201A 1.4miles.
Take a left into the cobra Dome Entrance
Park by the fence.
Go to the space in the fence a person could walk through. A red cross marks the spot.
Go through the fence and then follow a small tarred path very close to the school.
Stop at the door with green poles and turn to your right.
You will see a silver metal building walk to it.
Go to the backside of the building and look to your right.
You should be able to see a very large pine tree.
Go to it.
Go around the tree and up a pile of dirt now down the other side but your not there yet.
To your right once more you will see an old fallen tree walk to it now turn to your right for the last time to see in the distance a twin. This twin is holding the treasure you will seek.