Minnesota West Bluejay  LbNA # 41030

OwnerWhirly-Girl Wanna Be    
Placed DateJun 19 2008
CountyYellow Medicine
LocationCanby, MN
Found By Mrs. Violet Potato Head
Last Found Jul 22 2013
Hike Distance?

Find the stoplight in Canby, and let St. Olaf take you southwest between Casey and the star. Very shortly, you should turn left where the children cross. Just past where the physicians place their vehicles, there will be a sign that could be telling you where Eisenhower, Patton, or Schwartzkopf should place theirs. You can park here, too.

At one corner of this parking lot, you will see three grey boulders. Stand beside them with your back to the parking lot, and straight ahead, near a garage, you will see a large poplar tree. From where you are standing, it will appear to have two huge trunks. When you approach, you will find there are actually three trunks. The letterbox will be in the center. Please cover it with the bark before you leave, to be sure it is hidden.