AT Sunrise Mountain  LbNA # 41046

Placed DateJun 20 2008
LocationSunrise Mountain Road, Branchville, NJ
Found By Carmel7
Last Found Sep 25 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

AT Sunrise Mountain

This box is 15 minutes from the car and passes a wonderful scenic overlook.

Take 206 to Sunrise Mountain Road. (Note: This road is closed in winter)

Travel up this beautiful road and follow the signs to the Sunrise Mountain Overlook.

Park at the overlook parking area and enter on the AT.

On stone stairs, walk to the Pavilion where there is a wonderful panoramic view!
(Hawks can be seen here during migration season.)

Stay on the AT as it descends on rocky boulders.

When the rocky portion of the trail ends you will see a double tree with the mark of the AT.

Standing on the trail with your back to the tree take a compass reading of 170 East.

This should take you 25 steps down into the forest where you will see a small boulder on your right and a series of rock ledges on your left.

What you seek is under the nearest ledge.

Please be very discreet and re-hide the box well.

Sera and Doobie