Lake Montowac  LbNA # 41065

Placed DateJun 21 2008
LocationMontville, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Lake Montowac
Planted 6/21/08 by Wingfoot & Angelfoot
Montville, Morris County, New Jersey

Clues: Easy
Time: 10 minutes

Please be discreet. This is a popular area for fishermen, the lake is catch and release.

Unfortunately there is some garbage, not around the lake, but around the spot box is planted.

Lake Montowac is located near the intersection of Changebridge Road and Cedar Road. You can park on Cedar Road. Walk down pass the lake on Changebridge Road. You’ll see two benches on the left of the lake. Pass them and keep walking. Just a few yards pass the benches you’ll notice a sign on the right near the lake. Shortly after the sign on the left there will be an unmarked trail. Take unmarked trail up to an old patio, with several metal posts around the perimeter. There will be two metal posts that have a sign that has an eight letter word on it. Sorry, the area does seem to be frequented by some children. From right post with the sign go three paces at 350 degrees to a three pronged tree. At its base, within a pile of bricks and rocks is what you seek. Please rehide it better then you found it.