Haunted History  LbNA # 41070 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 20 2008
LocationBucksport, ME
Found By QueenTiffana
Last Found Jul 1 2008
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MISSING AS OF 10/01/2008.

This letterbox highlights the haunted history of Bucksport, Maine and its founder.

True history....
Bucksport was founded by Col. Jonathan Buck, a civil was hero, back when Maine was still Massachusetts. Col. Buck settled this community, worked, lived, had family, and died here.

It is said that Col. Buck (a married man) had an affair with one of his servant women who fell in love with him. When his wife found out about the affair, Col. Buck claimed that the women 'bewitched' him and suduced him. The angry wife then cried 'witch' to the local community complaining that it was the other women's fault her husband had strayed. The local community then tried the women as a witch and found her guilty. Just before the poor servant girl was burned at the stake, she clarified for the on lookers Col. Buck's true role in the affair, and promised that she would return from the grave to haunt him. She promised that she'd have the last laugh in the end, and declared that she would one day soon "dance on his grave." As she burned in the fire, her leg fell off and rolled into the crowd, landing near Col. Buck himself. Within the year, Col. Buck died suddenly and unexpectedly. His wife and family erected a very large monument over his grave in his honor. Shortly after the monument went up, the unmistakable shape of a women's leg (from the calf to the tip of the foot) appeared on the monument over his grave in the form of a stain on the stone. Also, near the top of the monument, the shape of a sideways heart appeared. The family had the stains scrubbed and sanded but the foot and heart always reappeared anyway. Stone masons were consulted and said the stains are not part of any natural formations in the lines of the stone. The only explanation, is the curse of the wronged servant girl....

To find our Haunted History letterbox you must first find Col. Buck's grave.


1. Find the small graveyard across the street from the Hannaford store.

2. Park and walk around the fenced in graveyard to the large monument nearest to the main road. Here you'll see Buck's grave along with the haunted footprint and heart.

3. Find where the stone wall ends nearest to the main road.

4. You'll see three small bushes. Look under the lowest lying bush.

5. Under some rocks you'll find the letterbox.

*Watch for muggles and re hide very carefully.

Special note = My friend used to own the large white house next to this graveyard. It was built by Col. Buck for one of his children and remained in the family for several generations. When my friend did some renovations on the home, she keep seeing and hearing an unknown man in the hallways and living room of the home. Always, there was no one there but herself....