Where Memories Last a Lifetime!  LbNA # 41076

OwnerRobin's Nest    
Placed DateJun 21 2008
LocationBelgrade Lakes, ME
Found By Teacup
Last Found Sep 1 2008
Hike Distance?

Welcome to Where Memories Last a Lifetime! This is an Extreme Letterbox. You will need to get to it's location by boat. Preferably by Kayak or Canoe. There are no trails or paths that will take you to the location.

You will need to look at a map of Long Pond. The only public boat ramp is off of Castle Island Road. Make sure your boat is clean! Don't laugh, we have major problems as a result of invasive water plants. If you know of another place where you can set your boat into the lake, you can do that also. The water gets quite shallow and very rocky when you get up to the northen edge of the lake. You will not be able to take your motor boat all the way in. For this reason, kayaks and canoes are best. You will want bug spray and water shoes. The area where this stamp has found it's home is at the North Westerly end of the lake. Your map may call this area Beaver Cove. We ask that you observe the "No Wake" markers when you travel up the cove. There are loons nests along the shoreline.

Follow the northwesterly edge of Long Pond all the way up to Beaver Cove. You will want to go all the way to the end. You may notice some "for sale" signs marking lots, 12, 13, and 14 which will be to your right as you enter the shallow area which leads to Beaver Creek. Paddle your way straight in. You should notice a small hill/knoll straight in front of you. There is some rock free areas where you can paddle right up to the shore and hop out. Make your way up this small hill/knoll to the top where you will see what remains of a large White Birch. Another reminder of our terrible storm from Labor Day, 2007. Behind the birch, there is a broken stump and at the base of that stump, right behind the white birch, you will find "Where Memories Last a Lifetime!" It is hiding under leaves and sticks.

This area is very beautiful. Listen to the sounds of the water rushing through Beaver Creek and into Long Pond. Notice all the mature oaks and balsams nearby. So many of them fell or broke during the storm. If you choose to walk around, be careful of "Widow Makers," large branches which may fall at any time. For that matter there are leaning trees that could go soon too, thanks again to the storm. There was a weather service, certified tornado that did all this damage. Rare for Maine, but not unheard of. If you are lucky when you visit, you will hear nothing but the rushing water in the creek and the birds that fill the trees.

For those of you who I have met at gatherings or on the trail, I would be happy to help you out just a bit if you choose to attempt this letterbox. Just contact me. As for the stamp, you will want to use black ink and then color it in when you get home. It is a large stamp, about 4 inches square, so if your logbook is small, bring a piece of card stock to do your stamping. Oh, and bring along a picnic and something to drink, it is a long paddle from the boat ramp! There is a First Finders Certificate.

Happy Paddling! Just get out there!