DHP Letterbox - Taken - Will replace  LbNA # 41089 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 20 2008
LocationDixon, CA
Planted ByChris in NorCal    
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----- Sorry - someone took this. We'll find another location and edit this letterbox in the near future. ------

In this nice little farming community also called Lambtown, located between Davis and Vacaville and with the state's oldest running fair, there are several parks throughout the city where you can have fun outdoors. At one of these parks, people can kick-flip and flutter-kick, and we've hidden a letterbox there.

If you drive down a street just outside the north end of the fairgrounds, (the street's name reminds me of something "roasting on an open fire" - from an old Christmas song), you will find a parking lot next to the cement place in the park where kids fly through the air, keep on rolling, and can also do kick-flips, manuals, grinds, and more.

Park your car near this cement place and then stand outside your car. If you put your arms straight out from your sides and point your right-hand finger at the cement place where kids can roll around on those boards with wheels and point your left-hand finger at the place across the other side of the park where kids and adults can do butterflies, the crawl, and the dog-paddle, with your back to the street mentioned above, you'll be looking at a place where small pieces of wood cover the ground and plastic and metal creations provide fun climbing and sliding for many. You should be looking just about directly east.

If you walk in a fairly straight line past the play place (and the restrooms right next to it), across the grass (and a small baseball field), across a smaller parking lot, you'll find a smaller grassy area not used by many people in this park. One side of this grassy area has a fence alongside with houses on the other side of the fence and the other side of this grassy area is the edge of the parking lot.

There will be two rows of trees, one shorter and the other taller (and they aren't in a straight line). Find the second-to-last taller tree on the south side of the grassy area, spread the branches and leaves out, and look inside the many tree trunks growing vertically to find our box. Happy hunting!!