Arcadia Sightings  LbNA # 41096 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 22 2008
LocationArcadia, WI
Found By Tatanka1
Last Found Sep 26 2009
Hike Distance?

Take WI State Hwy 93 between Arcadia and Independence to find kerteiP County Park. Parking is free, and if you want to plan ahead, bring your Frisbees to play a Frisbee Golf here at the park. This experience will take about 45 minutes (without the Frisbee Golf).

Park in the first parking lot you see when you turn off of Hwy 93 into the park. There will be a restroom that closes at 10 pm (what do you do if you’re camping here overnight?) in front of you. Once you park you can see a bell displayed to the right of the restrooms as a memorial for Ray Shanklin and his service in the community. Walk to this bell and read the information. Note the number of years of commitment that Ray gave the 4-H in the community. Write that down _______(A). Also, there is a number near the top of the actual bell. Write that down ________(B).

This park offers several nature trails. None of the trails are very long and they all intertwine. This clue will lead you on a fun letterbox adventure. From the bell walk towards the woods on your left. There will be some picnic tables and next to the woods an arrow that points into the woods with the words “Trempealeau River Trail”. Follow the arrow. You will come to an arrow indicating the “Marshland Divide” Trail. Do not follow the Marshland Divide, continue to the right. Eventually you will come to another Y. Continue straight (NW) B + 6 steps. On the right there is a large mossy log. On the side of the log opposite the trail you will find hidden under some branches something ‘Plump N Golden’. If you reverse the order of these words you will discover one of the staple industries in this area.

Return to the center of the Y and head NorthWest. Continue on and you will pass the sign for the “Marshland Divide” (this is the opposite end of the park from where you came in). Going straight you will come out of the woods by a sign for the “Bird Lover’s Loop”. There is a horse riding area in front of you. Turn left and follow the woods.

You are looking for the “Woodduck Trail”. This may seem odd because you are walking through the campground area, but the trail remains along the wood line. Take the Woodduck Trail to the left into the woods. You will be on this for a short jaunt and you will come to another “Woodduck Trail” sign. Congratulations, you just hiked the entire Woodduck Trail. Turn around and take A - 2 steps. On your left is a large log parallel to the trail. At the East end of the log you will find ‘Deere John’ on the side of the log opposite the trail under some bark. Perhaps you had to pass a few of these on your Hwy 93 journey. There is a large distributor in Arcadia as well.

Now head East back to the intersection and turn right (you have just turned South onto the Marshland Divide). Take the path to the right at the next intersection and you are on the way out of the woods the same way you came in.

Bring your bug spray, watch for poison ivy (wear long pants on these trails), and enjoy the hike.