Cambridge Champion - UNAVAILABLE  LbNA # 41110 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Christmas Elves      
Placed DateJun 14 2008
LocationRockdale, WI
Found By Leapin' Lizards
Last Found Jul 18 2009
Hike Distance?

Status: 7/15/2011 Cambridge Champion’s container and log were destroyed by a critter. The stamp vanished. What was our champion’s fate? Did our champion escape to an undisclosed hiding place? Was our champion carried off as a trophy by the critter? We may never know. The clue will be updated when a decision to replant or archive is made.

Find the park area #2 on County Highway B and enter the parking lot. Find the oval track and park near the gate the color of #20. From the gate, take the trail at 260 degrees. Stop and admire the view at Leslie H. ________’s bench. Continue on to Karen ________’s bench. She loved this community. Continue past the “Wrong Way” sign. Someone thought it was so wrong that they painted over it with an X. Find bench #3 donated in memory of Stanley ________, who enjoyed walking these trails. Take the sum of the letters of the three last names and walk that number of steps past this bench. The champion is in the winner’s circle under the base of the fallen tree on your left.

Please stamp in discreetly and carefully replace the letterbox hidden from view.

To get back to your car, retrace your steps. If you have time, enjoy the day by exploring more of the trail system.

Our visits are very few and far between, so please use the Contact the Placer link to give us a status update after your visit. If the letterbox is damaged, please contact us to arrange for its return. If you are a local letterboxer willing to help care for this box, please contact us.