Sealed With A Fish  LbNA # 41114 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 5 2009
LocationLinesville, PA
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Every year we would stop at the spillway to feed the fish on our way to Conneaut Lake Park. This year because of the fire, we had to change our plans and head to Waldameer. We'll miis the Blue Streak especially!! We planned this trip on the spur of the moment and had to go with a purchased stamp. We decided to call it "draggin" flies because we got up very early that morning and we're looking forward to sleeping on the way to Erie. So we were "draggin". This box was originally placed in June 2008.

The first box was destroyed by either someone or something so we got a new stamp and replanted. The box will now be known as "Sealed with a Fish".

Start at the Linesville Spillway to feed the fish and the ducks. From the spillway parking lot turn right onto Mercer Road. About 1/2 mile up the road is the Pymatuning Nature Center. Turn right into the driveway for the nature center and park in the lot. Take the paved walk way up to the nature center. At the John M Phillips memorial marker start down the paved sidewalk down towards the lake. You will pass a post with a carved ealge on your right. Continue down the main path which runs parallel to the lake. You willsee the spillway in the distance before the path takes a curve to the right. Continue on the trail until you see the Staghorn Sumac sign on your left. Just beyond the sign and past a small clearing you will notice a tree with 3 trunks. At the base of the trunk is what you are looking for.If you continue on the path for a short distance you will end up back in the parking lot. When your are done you might want to check out the Linesville Spillway box that is located nearby.

Please be sure to re-seal all bags and close container

Happy Hunting!