Orange Root  LbNA # 41118

OwnerHave a party    
Placed DateJun 22 2008
CountySt. Louis
LocationKirkwood, MO
Found By bowmanfam
Last Found Jan 28 2012
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Orange Root

Kirkwood Park is located in Kirkwood, Missouri. There are entrances to the park on Geyer Road and Adams.

Enter Kirkwood Park on the Adams St. side. If you are going West on Adams from Geyer Rd., turn left onto Rifle Range Drive. This drive is past Pavillion Drive and Playground Drive. If you pass Couch Avenue, where you turn to go to St. Joseph's Hospital, you've gone too far. If you are going East on Adams from Sugar Creek Valley, it is the first right immediately after Couch Avenue. In a short while, you will see an old rifle range on your right with an old shelter next to it. Park in front of the rifle range.

Once there, you'll see four 15' tall lamps, and just past it, there is a bridge going over a creek that leads into the woods. Cross the bridge into the woods. Follow the rocky path up the hill. At the first fork in the road, go right and continue up the hill. Just a little while later, there will be another smaller fork consisting of a dirt path - go left. After a short while, you will enter a clearing and you will see a lone pine tree in the middle of the clearing. Continue walking forward, to the left of the pine tree to the end of the clearing. You will then see another small dirt path. Follow this path up the hill to the right. Shortly you will see in front of you a white water tower with a green wire fence surrounding it. You will also see another lone tree in the middle of the path where it forks at the top of the hill. Here, you will be going left down the path around the water tower. From that lone tree, take approximately 30-35 steps left of the tree. You will see a small dirt path to your left. Enter the woods here and proceed up the hill. As you follow this path, you will come to another small clearing that will have several tall pine trees in the center. Go to where there is a "siamese twin" pine tree. Stand with your back to the pine tree and face the railroad tracks. Then, look to your left. There are two paths. Take the narrower path. As you enter into the woodsy area on this small path, take 8 steps. Then, turn left further into the woods, and take 9 steps. Look to your left. You will see a large old tree that is split in two at the base. The tree has orange roots. The treasure is hidden inside the base of the tree where it splits. It is covered with sticks, rocks and leaves. Please be careful to put it back right in place so that it is completely hidden from muggles!

Happy hunting!