Bridges of Madison County #4  LbNA # 41131

Placed DateJun 7 2008
LocationWinterset, IA
Found By HorsePowerWI
Last Found Sep 20 2010
Hike Distance?

Enter the town of Winterset on Hwy 169 and proceed to the old town square section of town (around the courthouse). On the north side of the town square block, you'll see the Madison County Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Center. Go into the Visitor's Center and get yourself a map of the Madison County covered bridges. The staff there are a wealth of local knowledge. If you're planning on letterboxing after hours, you'll want to go to for a map of the county with bridge locations and interesting historical facts.
Either way, you MUST have a map of the Madison County bridges to find your way to each bridge on this series of boxes.

Bridge #4: Cedar

Using your map, find your way to the Cedar Bridge northeast of Winterset. This is the only bridge that you can still drive across, since it is actually a replica of the original bridge which was burnt by arson in the early 2000's. Sad!

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity and DRIVE across! Park wherever you want. You'll need to set out on foot and follow the brick path to the gazebo. Pass the grill and approach the vegetation beyond the mown grass. Walking along the treeline watch for the leaning stump with its mouth open. Therein lies the letterbox. Congratulations!