Garden of the Godss  LbNA # 41195 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 29 2008
CountyLos Angeles
LocationChatsworth, CA
Planted ByLifetish    
Found By PeterK
Last Found Jun 28 2008
Hike Distance?

**** The autumn fires got to this one, or revealed it enough so that coyotes, vandals or owls pillaged it away. I will attempt to replace sooner than later. jan 28, 2009

The opening scene of the Lone Ranger was filmed here as were so many stagecoach scenes from black and white as well as technicolor westerns. An actual stagecoach line indeed went threw here before films. You feel that you are walking in a different land, one more like the painted desert. It's one of the most filmed locations in the LA history having passed as the setting of Africa, Asia and the south seas.

Stoney Point is another monolithic rock formation on the other side of Highway 27 or Topanga Canyon Blvd (right near the on ramp to I-118)where you will find rock climbers and rapellers. But Garden of the Gods is hidden from the highway and as a result doesn't get nearly the amount of vandalism.

Okay, how to get there. 118 to Topanga Canyon Blvd. It only goes one direction- south. First light is Santa Susanna, turn right (only goes one way). Take first right - RedMesa Road (can only turn right). Drive to end of road and park near the park gate and dirt steps lined with logs.
Can you see the highest rock formation? It seems to have a rectangular piece missing, about the size of an elevator door. That's where you are heading. You can make a path straight from your car to that rock, or take the steps and worn path to wind your way into the garden of the gods.

Once you are before the Elevator rock and are shaded by the tree in front of it, you will see another sandstone rock almost as tall to its left. Walk in the corridor between the two Gods. The spot where the two rocks are closest together there will be a skinny tree on your left. About chest level beyond the tree is a crevice in the sandstone wall. There are a few rocks wedged into the crevice. Carefully take them out and voila - a letterbox behind.

The trick here is replacing the rocks so that they stay wedged. if the ones you found break or are too hard to get to stay, feel free to pick up and shape new ones by banging some of their edges off until they work for you.

Enjoy the sites. There is a wonderful view of Stoney Point and the train tracks (not the ones used for film) and if you are as lucky as we were, you can watch it wind behind stoney point, come through the tunnel and pass below you.