Little Glade Mill Pond Blue Ridge Parkway  LbNA # 41196

Placed DateJun 9 2008
LocationSparta, NC
Found By The Sparkill Trio
Last Found Oct 15 2014
Hike Distance?

This is one of our favorite overlooks right near where we get onto the parkway from 21 north past Roaring Gap. On the parkway it is across the street from milepost 230.
In the early 1900's there was a mill next to the pond that ran on the water running from the little Glade river.

The box is basically beneath where the mill was erected. I usually don't park in the little overlook, but instead under the trees on the end of the grass furthest from highway 21. From there I follow the edge of the grass as it butts up against the woods. This way you can hear and eventually see the river just behind the woodline.

THere is a little break in the woods where you can easily get to the river and sit on the diverting tunnel barefoot and dip your feet into the cool waters (depends on what time of year you visit).

When you are ready, put your shoes back on or beckon barefoot in the way the tunnel would lead. There is an island of trees in that green manicured grass. In the middle is another feeder pond. Connecting this island to the woods is three posts. ANd under the magnolia branch on this islnad of trees are a few big rocks. Beneath them in a shallow hole is a letterbox. You should be well hidden from the visitors of the pond on the otherside of the magnolia, but if not, please be discreet. And be safe and knock about the rocks a bit iwth a stick or turn them over with a stick to remain safe from all of nature's creatures.