Kansas Swan  LbNA # 41230

OwnerSierra Sally    
Placed DateJun 22 2008
Location???, KS
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This is in honor of Grandma Fern who just turned 100 years old on 5/14/2008, we had a big party for her and we expect her to live several more years. She spent much of her life in this town. This is the more dignified of the two boxes I planted to honor her. Please be sure to see the other fun one too.

Go to the town with the French name of "the swan". You'll see lots and lots of swans in this town if you look in folks yards. It's a theme. I think some swan salesman must have made a lot of money selling swans in this town.

Go to 1st and Swan streets

Go to the Oak Lawn sign with a swan on each side of it

Stand by the swan on the right side which is closest to the cross.

Go 62 steps North to Jane's corner

Now go 6 spaces North to 1924 McCracken

Go 40 steps East right on past Comstock and down in front of different type of place.

Now facing Weickert's door on the left side reach way around just above the 1st ledge from the top. In the corner you'll find the Kansas Swan.

Please rehide well and let me know how the box is fairing.

Keep Boxin'