Peacock's Pandora  LbNA # 4124 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2003
LocationEllsworth, ME
Found By Zeno
Last Found Jun 21 2007
Hike Distance?

[This box is available all winter. The trails are great for crosscountry skiing or snowshoeing. In "non-snowy" weather it is a very easy 10 minute walk through the woods.]


Drive up the Black House Drive into the parking lot.
Park at the back-so the green water pump you’ll spot.

Walk onto the Woodlawn Path-to the left you should go.
Stroll past the Lily pond-watch the stream flow.

Take the path to the left, the one you will see
Between two tall stone pillars nestled there in the trees.

Walk to Black's Tomb - then around the left, to the back.
Look low in the rock wall, deep in a crack.

PS-Please don’t disturb the rocks in the rock wall.
The letterbox is just tucked in among the rocks!

All the trails are free for the walking…the house has a nice historic tour for a small fee.
They have several FUN events during the year. Candlelight Christmas, Living History Days, and more…. Check out their website at

Name of people hiding it: Siah, Em, Alli & Calli
Letterboxing name: Peacock's Pandora Letter box
Placed on May 24, 2003
Ellsworth, Maine USA