Topsail Treasures Series - The Gold Hole  LbNA # 41241 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 10 2008
LocationTopsail Beach, NC
Found By p00hbear
Last Found May 2 2009
Hike Distance?

JANUARY 2010 - NOT AVAILABLE - MISSING: - I have received confirming reports from another boxer that after extensive search and local queries this box is indeed missing. I will attempt to prepare a replacement soon.

MATERIALS NEEDED: These boxes will contain only a logbook and a stamp. Please bring your own Stamp-pad or Inking pens as well as a writing instrument.


DIFFICULTY: This box is placed to provide easy access for those with limited mobility. Only a short trip is required to the box from the parking spots, and there are minimal elevation changes.
Hike Length: 0.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 3 feet



North Carolina's Topsail Island has a long and colorful history. It is often said that the Island’s name resulted from the days of sailing ships when buccaneers roamed this region in search of treasure. Scallywags were reported to have adopted the practice of hiding in wait behind coastal islands until a merchant ship approached and then sailing out to intercept and loot them. Merchant captains soon learned to keep a careful watch of the shore line attempting to spot the “Topsails” of these pirate ships which often stuck up far enough to be visible from the sea. Topsail was reported to be one of the favorite haunts for these pirates’ (Including the infamous Blackbeard), thus the name.

Some items of interest which can be seen here or nearby include a Turtle Hospital, the remains of old salt production activity, and sites associated with various pirate legends. Remnants of WW II military activity that remain evident in the area include the assembly building (Now a museum) for a missile test facility, observation towers for the missile tests, and Camp Davis a huge Army Air Force base which at one time included both the island and surrounding communities. Reminders of the damage caused by a number of hurricanes throughout its history are still visible in many places.
Some interesting reading resources about the island: include "Topsail Island" by B.J. Cothran (Mostly Photos), "Echoes of Topsail, Stories of the Island’s Past" by David Stallman (Historical but an easy read), and "Topsail Island Mayberry by the Sea" by Ray McAllister (A collection of anecdotal stories).

Our family has vacationed each summer at Topsail for many years. We have recently developed an interest in letterboxing. Upon checking the possible boxes we could acquire while visiting we discovered that only one box currently resides on the Island. It is our intent to populate the Island with a series of additional boxes which we will refer to as the TOPSAIL TREASURES SERIES a joint venture of 1SG and the KOBYSTARS.



This, our first Topsail Treasures box, is named for a well know treasure quest which occurred here and resulted in a huge hole, a large mound of rubble, and an enlarged beach. For more information we suggest that you obtain one or more of the books mentioned. You may also click on the links provided above to read excerpts from them on line.

This box has been planted during our vacation in 2008 as a test. If it has a favorable life we plan to provide more in subsequent years.



The Gold Hole was located on property which had been owned by one of the original Topsail Island Families. Their ownership (Interrupted while the Island was a military base during World War Two) dates back over 100 years to when the strip of land was obtained in a trade.

Several features around the Island carry that family's name including at least three roads and a real estate development.

Driving south on NC-50 (Shore DR or Anderson BLVD) The home at 2735 Shore DR, Surf City is owned by members of this family, the road next to that address and the development just south of it also bear their name.

Continuing south a short distance further on, between the roadway and the beach, you will see one of the observation buildings from the "Project Bumblebee" missile tests. The Gold hole dig was just West of that location.

To recover the box pull off and stop at the small dirt parking lot on the right a short distance beyond the observation tower. This small pull off is frequently used by local police as a place to park and monitor traffic.

If you miss the spot, or if it is occupied, find a place to turn around and return. Northbound there is also a wide spot near the observation tower building where people park.

On the west (inland) side of the road midway between these two parking spots there is a large structure mounted on posts which has the cities name upon it. Walk to this spot and search carefully through the myrtle planted in the flowerbed surrounding the base of the posts. The Gold Hole letterbox awaits you directly under the structure in a small, well camouflaged, lock top box.

Maintenance Update 7 Nov 2008 - I have received a report from a reliable source that shrubbery in this flower bed had died back and that the box was exposed. My correspondent indicates that to cover the box he has now almost entirely buried it behind the front support posts where they join together.
Maintenance Update May 2009 - A recent finder reports placing a piece of driftwood over it to provide better concealment.

In order to avoid unwanted curiosity please return to your vehicle or move a short distance away to accomplish your stamping, then return the box to where you found it and hide it well.


Please let us know the status of this box when you find it.
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We hope that you enjoy this adventure.