Mischief Moonlight Music  LbNA # 41284

Placed DateJun 26 2008
LocationAurora, CO
Found By the.lovebugs2004
Last Found Jul 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Mischief Moonlight Music
Clue Difficulty: Easy
Terrain Difficulty: Easy
Number of Boxes: 1
Wheel Chair & Stroller Accessible: Maybe (Gravel & Incline)
Dogs: Yes (On Leash Please)
Hand Carved Stamp: Yes
Logbook: Yes
Ink Pads or Pens: No
First Finder Artifact & Gift: Yes

Finders Note 4/2/2009: All is well and intact. As a minor maintenance note, the outer bag is torn a bit but the box itself is still fully intact and watertight. The small information sign that faintly read “Seeds of Change” is no longer there so I don't know if you want to update the clues or not. They could be changed to say, follow the small walking path directly opposite the wooden pergola by the barn.

Location: DeLany Farms, Aurora, Colorado

Additional information: DeLany Community Farm, in partnership with the City of Aurora, is organized as one of the only Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms easily accessible to residents of metro-Denver. Their goals are to provide healthy, locally produced food for all people of all economic levels; use organic growing practices that protect our soil, water, air, and wildlife; emphasize quality over quantity; and educate and reconnect people with the land that sustains them. I spent an entire day on the farm with a youth group weeding, harvesting and cleaning vegetables. I now understand why organic produce costs so much in the stores and why this farm is so amazing. http://dug.org/farm.asp

Address: 170 Chambers Road, Aurora (off of Alameda Avenue and Chambers Road). Take an immediate right after the little yellow house into the paved parking lot. There is a sign marking the parking lot that reads “Delaney Farm – Historic Buildings.” Park next to the flag pole immediately in front of you once you turn in.

Clues: Cross over the metal bridge to the information signs. Take the path to the left towards the big round white building. At the “Y” in the gravel path stay to the left. At the second “Y” in the path follow the path to the right and you will find yourself merging with an established bike/walking path. Continue on this path to the left a very short distance and you will come to a very weathered post (again on your left) with a small information sign that faintly reads “Seeds of Change.” From this post cross over the bike path at 150 degrees. Standing at the edge of the path you are going to take a foot path into the nature area behind the farms down a very small incline. Count 50 steps or 25 paces down the incline on this small foot path. Stop. To your immediate left there is a 10 trunk-ed tree. The fairy you seek is hidden in the center of the base of where the trunks join under leaves and bark. Please re-hide carefully as the farm does not have knowledge of this box.

Should you note the box missing, its contents in bad repair or if you just want to say “hi” please contact me at Blackvelvetrav@yahoo.com. Happy hunting!