Cheung Chau Island Microbox  LbNA # 41302

Placed DateApr 9 2008
CountyOther International
LocationHong Kong, China, INT
Found By The Wandering B's
Last Found Jul 5 2008
Hike Distance?

1) From the Ferry dock (see how to arrive at Cheung Chau Island from Hong Kong at link below), facing town with the ocean behind you, go left along Praya Road, following signs for Pak Tai temple.
2) Turn right on Pak She 3rd Street.
3) As you pass the temple on your right, curve left to follow the path up the hill through a residential area with lots of stairs.
4) At the playground at the top of the hill, follow signs for North Lookout Pavilion.
5) Keep going uphill, passing a cemetery on your left and a "fire mop station" on your right.
6) Continue on the path as it curves, then switchbacks, and then as the railing ends.
7) You will now come to a second mop station at a level place with beaten baths. (If you come to a "Water Works Installation Area" sign on the left where a huge pipe runs under the sidewalk, you've gone too far.) Ascend the path on the right (it's at 160degrees).
8) Follow the path as it levels, then descends, giving you good views of the beach and town below.
9) Follow the path as it curves, until you find a large rock straight ahead on the path. It had an old rope tied to a tree atop it when we were there.
The path will dead-end on a big pile of rocks just past this large rock.
10) Standing next to the large rock facing as you did when you walked up (big rock on your left), look to your right.
11) The microbox is hidden in the "U"-shaped rock to your right that has lots of plants around it, tucked away under a few rocks.

After you carefully rehide the box and retrace your steps back to the paved path, you can either return home OR follow the path another 5 (gentle) minutes to a pavilion with a gorgeous overlook!

For a guide to the Island, including how to arrive from Hong Kong, visit
This is a great spot for inexpensive gifts and meals, plus seeing great old fishing boats.

Notes: This hike requires good shoes and good balance, and is not well-suited for most children since you walk by cliff edges. Bring water, and don't attempt it in or soon after rainy weather.