Rock Hop  LbNA # 41313

Placed DateJun 13 2008
LocationMontreat, NC
Planted ByThe Tracers    
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Visit the Montreat Nature Center for a map of trails. Which one should you choose if you wish to prevail? As this box was placed on the unluckiest of days, so should the date show you the way. Go to the start, cross the boardwalk and say “Always stay on the Blue of the Grey”. The trail may seem long, heavy may be your pack, but when Bryan Woodward offers to take you back - don’t be tempted; turn away and always stay on the Blue of the Grey. Further on, past rocks and logs, you will find the small mark that you have entered the Boggs. Now count one left and two right - one hundred sixty paces, to a point where the trail meets two special places. To the left, is a clear passage down to the creek, to the right off the trail is the treasure you seek. Nine paces southeast will put you before two rotten twins, it’s the farthest that you’ll find the letterbox in.

After you’ve finished, enjoy your stop. Go down to the creek and do the rock hop!