San Marcos Salamander 2  LbNA # 41321

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateJun 26 2008
LocationSan Marcos, TX
Found By jbboxer
Last Found Nov 11 2011
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 50 yards RT)
Recommended Ink: pink
Status: alive

The discovery of an unusual river by Alonso de Leon's men on St. Mark's Day in 1689 prompted the name of the river San Marcos in honor of the patron saint. Villa San Marcos de Neve was established in 1808 by colonists from Mexico. Due to devastating floods and repeated Indian raids, the settlement was abandoned in 1812. Juan Martin de Veramendi, later governor of Mexico's Texas, received a "two league" grant of land on the River, which later became the heart of the town of San Marcos. Today, the historic and natural attractions of San Marcos and great shopping opportunities draw millions of visitors each year. At the heart of the city is the San Marcos River, a longtime favorite for tubing and relaxation. The River's source is at the fresh water springs of Aquarena Center. Here you can ride glass bottom boats and discover the unique plant and animal species that live in the crystal clear river, like the endangered San Marcos Salamander and this microbox. Note: This is a different stamp and location from the first salamander box that went missing, so consider it a new Find.

From I-35 in San Marcos, take Exit 206, Aquarena Springs Drive, and go west through 2 stop lights. Immediately after the rail road tracks see entrance and sign to Aquarena Center on the right side of the road, take a right into the golf course and follow the road to the left to the park entrance. Park beyond the Visitor Center by the Restoration Nursery.

Walk to the back entrance of the Wetlands Walk by a "No Fishing" sign posted on a large elm tree. From the left pole at the gate before the boardwalk, take one step to a medium tree even with the pole. The microbox is hanging on the back side about 4 feet high. Please replace as described and be discreet.