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Faeriessence  LbNA # 41338 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 30 2008
CountyNew London
LocationVoluntown, CT
Planted By2faeries&2Leprechaun    
Found By Bluebird
Last Found Mar 8 2009
Hike Distance?

You really have to move the pine needles around to find this one.

Start on Rt. 138 in Voluntown and take Rt. 49 North on the right after Bronsons Pool.
Take a right onto Brown Road follow Brown Road past a spot on the right where you can offload the unwanted.
Continue along and take a right onto Gallup Homestead Road
Take a right at the stop sign when you can go no more
Pass the old Circle C campground on the left and continue around the bends until you reach a Bailey Pond on your left.
Park on the corner/bend to your left before going up the small hill.
Follow the road at about 330 degrees or back past the pond.
Take the foot path on your right between the last two wooden posts on your right.
Climb up a steep hill.
You will come to a flat landing.
Turn to the left and follow until you see the pond on your right.
Walk toward the pond and stand at the top of the hill.
Find the large pine tree to your left with red spray paint
(which was already there).
Find the root that is growing back towards the road.
With a stick poke on the inside of the root near the moss covered spot on the root.
When you feel a soft spot or hole you will find the Faeriessence of Bailey Pond!

Be sure to look deep!!! It is well covered with pine needles!
Good Luck please contact us if you have problems or the box needs repair or is missing! Thank You ! The Two Faeries With Their Two Little Leprechauns!