Jeeves: Parade of Books Box 13  LbNA # 41358

Placed DateJun 30 2008
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 11 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is a part of the Parade of Books Letterbox Series. The clues lead from box to box. You should check the first box in the series, Lord of the Flies, for general trail information

I discovered P. G. Wodehouse sometime in high school. I donít remember how or which book I read first, but they have always been favorites of mine when I needed something lighthearted. The characters and the predicaments are always ridiculous, except for Jeeves of course!

Leaving the Deathly Hallows, cross Boettcher Road. You will pass a strand of trees with white trunks on the right side, I suspect that they are poplars, but may have missed that class in botany. When you come to the 6 mile marker, stand looking at the marker. To your right and slightly up the slope there will be a head sized boulder. Jeeves is waiting to serve you behind that rock and under some other rocks and branches. Even continuing on bike, the mosquitoes were really bad here. The first time I stopped, I didnít plant the box because they were so bad. I came back equipped with spray.