Call of the Wild: Parade of Books Box 14 re-plan  LbNA # 41359

Placed DateJun 30 2008
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 11 2008
Hike Distance?

Re-planted 4-11-12
This box is a part of the Parade of Books Letterbox Series. The clues lead from box to box. You should check the first box in the series, Lord of the Flies, for general trail information
When I was little, my dad would read to us at bedtime. My sister and I shared a bed, and my brother would join us for the story. So you had all three kids hanging on every word each night. Usually we got a chapter each evening, unless it was a short chapter and then we could usually talk him into two chapters. One that always stands out in my memory is listening to Call of the Wild and being completely caught up in the story. It also got me out of English class in 7th grade when that was the book the class was reading. The teacher let me pick another book and do an independent reading assignment with it.
Continue on down the trail from Jeeves. Continue on to an underpass. Stand on the yellow strip under this bridge. Counting this stripe as number one, continue down the path counting. Stop between stripes 9 & 10. Look to the right (north side) of the path. Behind a bush there you should see a suspicious pile of rocks hiding Call of the Wild. If you continue just up the hill here you will come to a small picnic shelter with restrooms and a chance to refill your water bottle.