Popcorn in the Library  LbNA # 41367 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWi Biker Chick    
Placed DateJul 1 2008
LocationWauwatosa, WI
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Mar 21 2015
Hike Distance?

This is an easy and fun letterbox to find, and a great way to get to know the Wauwatosa Library better. **A special thanks to Library Director Mary Murphy and Assistant Director Shawn Duffy for their gracious permission to allow me to place a letterbox in such a public place!**

Start by heading to the Wauwatosa Public Library, located on the southwest corner of Wauwatosa Avenue (76th Street) and North Avenue.

Go directly upstairs to the Adult Library and pickup a Tosa Library bookmark at the reference desk to begin solving these easy clues:

1. What time does the library open on Monday? ________

2. What is the loan period for magazines in days? _______

3. What is the loan period for educational DVDs in days? _______

4. After you get the first three numbers, put a "." to separate it from the next three you need for the section you're looking for.

5. What time does the library close on Friday?______

6. How many letters are there in Wauwatosa? ______

7. How long will the library hold your items for pickup after they've notified you? ______

8. What state are you in right now? _____________

Put these three numbers together and you have the section number. The answer to question #8 is the name of the section you need to go to. You can ask at the reference desk where this section is located in the library, or simply find it yourself by walking back to the reference desk. As you face the desk, turn left and walk towards the glass windows that look at Longfellow Middle School. The section you need is on one side of you. To find out which side, look at the books for the section number you put together.

To find the letterbox, just look for the the book that doesn't belong in this section..it's INSIDE the autobiography of a former president, and the only book on the shelves that doesn't have a Dewey Decimal number on the spine, and is held together with rubber bands. Please note that the section you are looking for shares the shelves with several other sections. You're still in the right place. Because books are constantly being re-shelved, it may take a few minutes to find, but it's there.

IMPORTANT!!!!! PLEASE be discreet when finding this letterbox! Please take the letterbox out and go to a table nearby to check the contents. Do not open the letterbox right at that section, otherwise muggles may wonder what you're doing and take it away after you're gone or reshelve it someplace else. When you're done stamping, replace it as unobtrusively as you can.

Status updates are most appreciated on this box especially since it has the potential of being taken or misplaced!