The Angel  LbNA # 41372

OwnerWeeble Boo and mama    
Placed DateJul 1 2008
LocationMount Pleasant, IA
Found ByPlaying In Gratitude
Last UpdateAug 9 2011
Hike Distance?


Head south on Jefferson. The Pioneer Cemetery is on your left. There is a very small drive that is also an alley.
Pull into the drive.
Eshelman's lamb is sleeping inside his fence. The gait may be open, I hope he doesn't get out.
With your back to the lamb, head up the hill to Ruble's rock.
South of the rock is a very tall stone marking the place that Pat who passed in 1862 rests.
See the large concrete circle?
There are several trees in the circle, but only one bush.
This is in a residential area, so be mindful of eyes.
Rehide well, this bush may not have leaves in winter.