Girl Scout Troup 431 First Ever Attempt  LbNA # 41376

Placed DateJun 14 2008
CountyNew Haven
LocationMadison, CT
Planted ByLiz and Sarah    
Found By Brian and Jenn
Last Found Aug 30 2009
Hike Distance?

This is the first Norfeldt Girl Scout's attempt at letterboxing, held during our camping trip at Hammonasset State Park - 26 3rd grade girls and moms on Friday night, rain/thunder and lightening (and many fewer campers!) on Saturday night. There's a second one hidden as well, check that one out as well. We hope you enjoy our letterboxes.

Starting at the parking lot near the Nature Center, cross the street to the boardwalk. Follow the path along the beach to the south toward a rocky outcrop and enter the Moraine Trail.

Follow the trail and you will find yourself on a crushed shell beach with a few large boulders scattered around by the water.

Continue following the trail until you get to another beach with crushed shells and many long pieces of large driftwood that look like balance beams. If you are so inclined, hop on one of these pieces, bust a move, and do a fancy dismount!

Follow the path just a wee bit further, up a small incline. On your right, there will be a big boulder, and underneath that boulder, you will find our box! Please hide it carefully, so it can't be seen from the trail.