Boo Boo  LbNA # 41391 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 2 2008
LocationBlue Rock, OH
Planted Bybikin4boxes    
Found By Spurtle2
Last Found Mar 7 2009
Hike Distance?

Boo Boo is playing at Blue Rock State Park’s Lower Camp Ground

You can find the Lower Camp Ground by turning left onto Cutler Lake Rd. off of St. Rt. 60 South. You will follow Cutler Lake Rd. out about 6.5 to 7 miles; the lower camp ground entrance is on the right hand side, just before you reach the beach.

Enter the Lower Camp Grounds and follow the arrows down the hill. Instead of veering left, continue straight and park in the parking lot. From the Welcome sign at the playground take a reading of 290* and take 22 paces until you reach the sign for Ground Cedar Trail. From the sign go approximately 120 paces until you reach the Amphitheater sign. From the Amphitheater sign, take a reading of 170* and take 90 paces in that direction following the trail. You will see a tree on the right, that looks like it is doing a backbend; go 3 paces after that and you will find Boo Boo hiding between some fallen trees, under a large piece of broken off bark, on the right hand side of the trail.

**Be sure to also look for Ranger Smith protecting the Fire Tower, and Yogi lurking at Blue Rock’s upper shelter house waiting on leftovers. Also be sure to check out the letterboxes placed by ridge runners, which are also located at Blue Rock State Park!