Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Yogi  LbNA # 41392

Placed DateJul 2 2008
LocationBlue Rock, OH
Planted Bybikin4boxes    
Found By k&S express
Last Found Mar 13 2016
Hike Distance?

Yogi is lurking at Blue Rock State Park’s Upper Shelter House

You can find the Upper Shelter House by turning left onto Cutler Lake Rd. off of St. Rt. 60 South. You will follow Cutler Lake Rd. out about 7 to 8 miles; the upper shelter house entrance is on the left hand side, after you have passed the beach area.

Go up the blacktop hill to the upper shelter house, and stay on the blacktop and park around the circle. You will find a water fountain, then a sign that says Beechnut Nature Trail. Follow the trail across the bridge and up a small grade where you will find the upper shelter house. Find the location where Yogi would be happy if you dropped a hot dog or hamburger, and take a reading of 105*. Walk 21 paces in that direction to the scarred tree. From the tree take a reading of 75* and step off 19 paces. You should be at a stone structure. You will find Yogi hiding under some stones at the base of the structure.

**Be sure to also look for Ranger Smith protecting the Fire Tower, and Boo Boo playing at the Lower Camp Ground. Also be sure to check out the letterboxes placed by ridge runners, which are also located at Blue Rock State Park!