Glorious and Free (4 of 4)  LbNA # 41397

Placed DateJul 1 2008
CountyAlberta, CAN
LocationCalgary, ALB
Planted ByGeoOdyssey    
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Warning: The clues for this letterbox have a Scriptural theme (it was placed for a parish community Treasure Hunt). If you are super uncomfortable with this and still want to pursue the letterbox, just email Mrs GeoOdyssey and she'll send you the information you need.

You may find very helpful.

To find the general location:

1. First word, first syllable: Gen 22:12(NIV) Do not ____ a hand on the boy.
2. First word, second syllable: animal referred to in Matthew 26:34 (this animal goes by more than one name, you want the more old-fashioned one that starts with "c").
3. Second word: Sainthood is generally not a walk in this.

Where to park:
There is a parking lot on the eastern side of this green space. You’ll know you’re in the right area if you see a big fat sun nearby.

Cross the bridge and stand in front of the largest rock facing the ball diamonds (the number 3405 will appear on your left). You will be travelling in a northern direction following the path (North is to your right).

Use the Scripture passages below to find the number of steps you need to take (don’t exaggerate your steps, just walk normally).

Joshua 4:2 Number of men chosen.

Luke 9:17 Chapter number, plus number of baskets

Ezekiel 40:48 Measurement in cubits of the jambs (times two because there are two sides), entrance width in cubits, measurement of walls times two.

Rev 21:13 Chapter number, verse number, gates to the east, gates to the north, gates to the south, gates to the west (don’t change direction, just keep going straight!)

2 Sam 14:27 Number of children plus one for the father.

You should be at a fork in the path. Take the path that would lead to where Jesus sits beside the father in heaven.

2 Sam 5:5 Book number, chapter number, verse number, number of years and months in Judah, plus number of years in Jerusalem

Gen 4:24 Number of times Cain is avenged, number of times Lamech is avenged.

Gen 8:14 Day of the month

Genesis 31:41 Total number of years mentioned, plus number of daughters, plus times wages were changed.

Look at the base of a trinity of trunks.

Optional Task:
Take a few moments to reflect on the ways we are blessed as Canadians and, if you are so inclined, say a prayer for our country.