Big Willow Park  LbNA # 41401 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 18 2007
LocationMinnetonka, MN
Found By Sandcastle2
Last Found Oct 8 2012
Hike Distance?

Located between Hopkins Crossroad and Plymouth Rd off of Minnetonka Blvd. Look for the strip mall that has a water company that is wondering what the heck you are doing over there. There is a parking lot across the road from that place. Park there.

Box #1
Take the wood steps down toward the trees. Take the path that leads north (on your right). You might see the bridge. Turn left at the fork (the original Big Willow's remains are to the right) onto the unpaved path until you see a very tall stump (at least 15 ft. tall) which is hollow near the top. Walk around to the back of it and look at the base. What you seek is hidden by wood. Please re-hide well.

Box #2
Continue west down the path. At the T turn south (as you face the creek away from the bridge). You will see a bench up high (from erosion). Take a seat and rest your legs as they dangle unless of course you are very tall. You are sitting is where we were engaged and we returned on our wedding day for photos. Imagine our photographer standing on the slope in front of you trying to take pictures. Luckily he didn't fall in the river. When no one is looking, walk up the natural wood steps to your left. Off to your right is a tree with 4 trunks and a good place to hide a letterbox in the center of it all. Be sure to re-cover with the sticks before you go.

Box #3
Behind you is an open area where a house used to be. See if you can find the old foundations still in the ground. Do you see the fence? In the center is some steps that lead back to your car. Go to the top of the steps. Turn around and face the open area. Walk straight toward the corner foundation slightly to your right. There is a hole under the grass in front of you. Be sure to push the box back in when you are finished so it can't be seen but not too far in so that no one could reach it again.

Now you can enjoy the park or head down the steps back to your car. When you get to the dirt T - go to the right and it will lead you back. I hope you had fun finding these boxes. Feel free to write any comments to me.