Langton Lake Smokehouse  LbNA # 41402

Placed DateMay 27 2008
LocationRoseville, MN
Found By mntwin
Last Found May 3 2011
Hike Distance?

At Cleveland and Cty. Rd. C-2 in Roseville, MN is a nice little park with a nice lake to walk around. On the path at the south end of Langton Lake are the remains of a smokehouse that was built pre 1900. It used to be 9' x 8' and high enough for a man to stand inside. The walls were built of stones fitted together with mortar. The floor consisted of a bed of stones on which to build a fire to cure the meat - necessary due to lack of refrigeration. This location is also called Heritage Trail #49.

When you find the smokehouse remains, notice the large tree behind it. Stand with your back to the tree so you can see the lake. Look to your right and you will find a hollow tree with a great place to hide a letterbox. Please re-hide well with bark over it in the hole. Thanks!