Goin' on a Bear Hunt  LbNA # 41406 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWeeble Boo and mama    
Placed DateJul 2 2008
LocationMount Pleasant, IA
Found By ABS Family
Last Found Jul 10 2010
Hike Distance?

*****CHECKED ON 3/24/2012-MISSING*****

Goin' on the bear hunt-I'm not afraid-Got a real good friend-by my side. East Lake Park is on the southeast side of Mount Pleasant. The recreation trail is completely paved and runs around the park at the length of a little over 1 mile.

Enter the park by the "East Lake Park" sign and park in the small area across from the driving range.
In front of your car should be a concrete path.
Start walking in a clockwise direction.
Oh no -what do you see?- It's some tall grass.
BOX #1-Tall Grass
As you round the first turn, ahead on the right is a lone pine tree among the other trees.
At the base of this tree is the box.
oh no-what do you see?-It's a tall tree.
BOX #2- Tall Tree
Continue on the same path. You should now see the lake. Passing a playground and baseball fields. The path turns again.
On the turn there are some tall skinny pine trees. Near the pines is a fence post.Look near the base of the post.
Oh no-what do you see?- It's a wide river.
BOX #3- The Wide River
Continue around the lake. As the path turns to the left, see the grass path to the right.
Walk towards the gait. The fence side without a gait is the one you want. There is a tree between two posts. Look low.
Oh no-What do you see?- It's a deep dark cave.
Box #4- The Deep Dark Cave
Head back to the path, your walk will be long and slightly up hill.Passing a pond and walking near 218.
At the T in the path don't cross the bridge. Head to the bench. Sit and take a break.
Behind you is a fence. Mostly metal fence posts, but to you right is a wood one. Look low.
Oh no-It's dark in here-I feel something with lots of hair-It has sharp teeth!!
BOX #5- The Bear
Continue on the path past a pole in the middle. Look both ways and cross between three poles. Walking past soccer fields and tennis courts you should see your car.
Right after the courts is a wooded area.
Duck between a pine and a leaf tree. To your right is a little alcove of this bare thin trunked trees. Crouch down and enter.At the base of the group of trees to you left is the bear.

Alot of people use the facilities at this park- so be mindfull of curious eyes.