beach'n  LbNA # 41412

Placed DateJun 27 2008
Locationhamilton, BRM
Found By ThreeXFoot
Last Found Jul 15 2008
Hike Distance?

sweet pea and i had wanted to plant this box near the beach, however, due to unforeseen circumstances it ended up in beautiful downtown hamilton. we suggest that on the way to the beach you stop here and obtain your supplies.

on queen street is the beautiful garden of par – la – ville. the garden was once part of the home of william perot, the first postmaster of bermuda. be sure to stop and see the tree in the front of the historical society.

when you enter the garden you will be passing through bermudas oldest moongate. Jut an interesting fact. once in the garden look for the arbor where you can sit and enjoy the fragrances of the flowers surrounding you. walk through this arbor (the stairs will be to the back of you). just past the arbor bear to your right to a little clearing. ballet will now be in back of you. head to your right at a slight angle until you see the little foot path. at the end of this foot path is a huge tree. sorry, don’t know the name of it. at the base under a “brain” and some other rocks you will find the box.

due to the obvious upkeep of the gardens, the amount of visitors, and the location we do not expect this box to have a long life. although i will be happy if it does! if you feel you can relocate it to a better location feel free to email me.