Illinois State Flower  LbNA # 41418

OwnerThe Locksmiths    
Placed DateJul 3 2008
LocationPeoria, IL
Found By bandmo
Last Found May 8 2013
Hike Distance?

To find the starting location of this box, you will need to find out what the Illinois state flower is, and use it as the keyword to break a code. To solve this encryption, assign each letter in the keyword a number value based on its relative position in the alphabet. For example, if the keyword is DAISY, the corresponding number sequence would be 21345, because A comes first in the alphabet, D is next, then I, etc.

After you have your number sequence, write it above the phrase you are decoding, one number for each letter. Repeat the sequence until the letters run out. For example, if the phrase is “IPRH OQC,” you would assign letters like so:

2 1 3 4 5 2 1

Then write out the alphabet, and count back two letters from I to find the first letter, one letter back from P to find the second letter, three letters back from R to find the third, etc. Decode the above phrase for practice. Hint: The first letter is a G.

Keyword: Illinois State Flower

This location is open daily between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., but weddings are often held there on the weekends, and the location may be temporarily unavailable during those times. Unfortunately, a $2 per person fee was recently added for entry to this location, which had previously been free to the public.

Park and enter through the gate to the left of the main building. Follow the path and go straight at the intersection. You will pass the Children’s Garden. When the paved path curves to the right, leave it and turn left onto the grass. Bear to the right when the path opens into a clearing.

Walk under the trellis and head to the little waterfall. Take the short woodchip path to the right of the pool. When it ends, find the trashcan and head toward it.

Pass to the left of the circular fountain on the paved path, and when you have passed it, turn left toward a short stepping stone path. Cross the stones and turn right onto the grassy path. Pass the small amphitheatre on your right and the metal sculpture to your left.

Turn left on another grassy path before you reach pavement again, then immediately turn right onto the stone path. Follow it past a sundial on your left until you reach grass again. Turn right.

When the grass ends, continue on woodchips. A bench should lie to your right; turn left. When you pass the Moss Garden, you will see the stump of a tree that had two trunks on your right.

From the stump, head to the large, flat rock. Face the rock, and count three stones to the left. You should be looking at a large black- and white-flecked granite rock. To the right of this rock lies your prize, covered in leaves. We hope you enjoyed the gardens!

This box is planted with permission of the site manager, but please be discreet, rehide well, and avoid disturbing flora and fauna. Avoid stepping off of the grass; bulbs may be planted in the mulch.

Please bring your own ink.