Mickey Mouse  LbNA # 41431

OwnerTeam Double A    
Placed DateJul 3 2008
LocationWestlake, OH
Found By GeminiGirl
Last Found Aug 8 2015
Hike Distance?


Start your hunt at the front door of the Westlake Recreation Center. Head South until you reach a black all purpose trail. Head East on the all purpose trail. Cross the street and head South until you reach a split in the trail. Take the left trail. Go 208 single step paces. You will see another trail coming from the right continue straight for 90 more single step paces. You should be standing on or near a black tar strip on the trail. Look to your right. See the path into the woods? Take this path 24 single step paces. Look in a Northwesterly direction. Do you see a big tree? Look on the North side of the tree for the letterbox. It is under some rocks and leaves.

Please rehide well be careful not to draw attention to yourself. Please contact us at Atlas Quest.com after you find the box.

Thanks Team Double A