Cat's Craddle  LbNA # 41434

Placed DateJul 4 2008
CountyPrince William
LocationCatharpin, VA
Found ByFunky Ceilidh (Attempted)
Last UpdateJul 10 2012


In Catharpin Va, there is a small shop.
Once owned by the Alvey's, but now called WI-NOT.
You'll find our box if you follow the clue.
Maybe the cats will help you too.
Drive in the lot and past the shop vacs...
but not quite far as the store back.
You'll notice a small hill that you'll have to climb
On top of the hill a small home you will find.
Made out of wood and filled with some straw,
this is the place where the cats rest their paws!
Made with some love, this house is a home...
For all the wild cats, whenever they rome!
Look on the right side of the house and you will see
a foundation of paletes for these wild kitties!
Look in the paletes and you'll find our box...
and say "hello" to the kitty that we've named socks!

Good Luck!